LF Weddings

Wedding, one of the most important moments when two people begin their married life together.

Making this event unique and unforgettable is our goal. To fulfill the newlyweds' dreams in this unforgettable moment full of colors, flowers, at a wonderful location where they will exchange their vows, say their fateful YES, breathe in a fresh start of a new life as a couple. Taking on this task with utmost focus and seriousness, where there is no room for unplanned surprises is something we are professional in, hence every time we go a step further and take the plunge in the hidden secrets of the roads of Istria.

Inspired by Istria as an oasis of peace and with the desire to leave a strong impression on the client and customize each and every wedding with a personal touch, LF - wedding carefully choses the most beautiful places that you and your guests will remember forever.